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Yellow Studio Residents

Fall 2022

My goal in having a residency at Yellow Studio is to develop a larger portfolio of work in both my visual art as well as my composing. With time and dedicated work space and the shared creative energy of others, I feel strongly I can work with more focus and purpose on developing a larger collection of charcoal drawings in conjunction with more of my multimedia pieces/musical meditations (video shorts of original imagery such as video, photos and/or drawings set to original compositions).

Born in Massachusetts, Rebecca grew up loving the Arts of all kinds. She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. After graduation, she pursued a career in non-profits as Arts Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston where she developed programming for children ages 6-18. She moved on to become Museum Educator at the Kohl Children’s Museum where she incorporated the Arts into early childhood workshops for students and teacher training for public school teachers all throughout the Chicago area.

Rebecca is also a classically trained pianist who ran her own piano studio for several years before returning to the classroom as a student herself at Juilliard’s Evening Division Composition Program. While there she immersed herself in the study of scoring for picture, as well as orchestral composition and digital music production.

She currently serves as Board President of FAME, Bedford Central School District’s Booster Club for the Arts, an organization that champions the Arts for all students in the BCSD community.

Rebecca Rivard

Rebecca Rivard

My goal is to create with abundance across mediums, inspirations and styles to uncover my artistic signature while I explore the effect community has on my energy and artistic process.

Tricia grew up in Katonah studying a variety of art mediums and styles with local artists at their homes and at the Northern Westchester Center for the Arts. She continued to study studio art at Providence College while majoring in Systems Science. During a full corporate career at Morgan Stanley, Tricia often made time in the evenings for figure drawing at the Art Students League in NYC and eventually returned for a degree in interior design from Parsons New School. Tricia began her design career with Carol Kurth Architecture and Interiors before starting her own art & design business in 2018. A year later, Tricia released her first collection of original paintings inspired by the power in nature to guide us toward joy. Over the next couple of years, Tricia made a heart centered pivot in her business to her first love, fine art. Today she creates and sells original collections, as well as commissions and prints.

I paint and draw how something makes me feel, the positive potential energy it holds for us to alchemize into our lives and live fully. A magnificent sunset that pulls our eyes up to see a world filled with possibilities. A frigid winter’s air that reminds us we only breathe in the present…. I may paint exactly what I see and how it makes me feel or I may dial up the feeling and paint colors, shapes and lines that share the energy within. Either way, I dream of art that helps us find a balance and loving energy in our every day. Art that reminds us life is for living fully, not stressed or pressured to pursue perfect, but with ease and delight, adventure and rest. The balance is a paradox that is worth holding. I love to create with playful curiosity, experimenting with colors, lines, materials and subject, each revealing a different energy….Through art I am inspired to live fully and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Tricia Caracappa

Tricia Caracappa

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