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Yellow Studio's Crowdfunding Campaign on IFundWomen: Building Community at Yellow Studio

The Problem We’re Solving

Following the rise in remote work and the exodus from NYC catalyzed by the Covid pandemic, we present women who work remotely and live in a new town the option to experience an office-like environment among like-minded peers in a gallery setting.  Additionally, we have created a physical space to build community through shared experiences focused on creative expression, art and educational opportunities.

To nurture the community we are building, we regularly host thoughtfully curated events and workshops (often featuring members of our broader community) to spark meaningful interactions, bonding, learning, networking and creative expression.  We strive to offer content by women, for every woman.

As an alternative art gallery, we primarily showcase the work of local artists and NYC-based artists while ensuring the majority of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork goes directly to the artists, a surprisingly uncommon practice in the industry.

Through our Artist and Creative Residency we make our studio space available to women who demonstrate a passion for creative exploration and ingenuity, while promoting their work and projects. Raising other women up is one of the main purposes of our platform.  
Why We’re Seeking Funding

Since the start, Yellow Studio has been a one-woman show. We have come to IFundWomen looking for supporters to help us grow our audience, increase our visibility and catapult us to the next step in our journey.

Your support will primarily allow us to hire additional resources, particularly to support and enhance our social media and marketing game to further our reach, as well as to help us continue putting together well curated and successful events for our members and guests.

Finally, a small portion of our capital raise will be earmarked for the final touches (for now!) to our physical space. For our Exhibitions program, we need to build a wall – literally. Currently, we use a gallery hanging system which has its limits when it comes to exhibiting the amazing artwork we exhibit.

Critically, your support will help us sustain a low commission rate so that the majority of the artwork sale price of our artists goes directly to the them, as well as our accessible Creative and Artist Residency program.

Thank you for supporting Yellow Studio! Your funds help us continue strengthening the community through connection, creativity and learning.

By supporting Yellow Studio, you’re supporting many local woman-owned businesses. A big part of what we do is find ways to collaborate and promote other woman-owned businesses through our programming, workshops, artisan and vendor selection for our pop-up marketplaces and beyond.


Who We Are

Yellow Studio is centered on community-building amongst women through the exchange of ideas, display of art and opportunities for creative expression and learning.

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