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Alissa Leigh, Rebecca Rivard & Julie Rosenberg

March 2 to March 28

Opening Reception: Saturday March 2, 4 to 6pm

The Gallery at Yellow Studio invites you to tune into Frequency, a dynamic group exhibition celebrating the rhythmic energy of line, color and form in abstract works by local artists Alissa Leigh, Rebecca Rivard and Julie Rosenberg. On view from March 2 through March 28, this show encapsulates the diverse artistic frequencies emanating from Westchester County through an array of paintings on canvas and wood panel and electric guitar artworks.

The artists in this exhibition utilize a range of abstract styles and techniques from Alissa Leigh’s musical line paintings to Rebecca Rivard’s nature-inspired visual tapestries to Julie Rosenberg’s bold custom guitar artworks. With its dynamic blend of styles, techniques, and artistic interpretations, Frequency strikes a chord that resonates long after one leaves the gallery walls.

About Alissa Leigh

Alissa Leigh paints with a thoughtful desire to express herself, through her dynamic use of color and her unique gestural cipher. She is inspired by her time living and studying in New York City; bright lights, nightclubs, music, graffiti and neon signs. Through her characteristic use of color, gesture and a visual language that is recognizably her own, Leigh’s paintings become powerful energetic focal points in the spaces they inhabit. Leigh lives and works in Bedford, NY as a self-taught abstract artist. Her style and design concepts are continuously evolving as she learns new techniques and discovers new inspirations for her color palettes and compositions. Alissa Leigh works mainly with acrylic paints, but enjoys incorporating collage elements, oil paints, spray paint, markers and pastels in her designs. Leigh’s works are in private collections in NY, CT, NJ, AZ, GA, FL, Germany and Hungary. She has been in numerous group shows in NY and CT and recently had two successful solo shows at Chroma Fine Art Gallery in Katonah, NY.

"In creating this collection of line art paintings, I was fascinated by the contrast between the simplicity of the lines and the complexity of the bright colors. I placed each line, using meticulous precision to create an almost rhythmic dance of lines that appear to almost vibrate as the colors bounce off one another.

When I view these completed paintings, the lines appear to me as musical notes on an equalizer or the marks displaying a heart’s rhythm. I love that both representations elicit a sense of musicality, movement and vitality.

My hope is that the people who view these works in this collection can sense the energy and feel the excitement that I felt while creating each one." - Alissa Leigh

About Rebecca Rivard

Throughout her life, Rebecca has been drawn to the transformative power of crafting something from nothing using her hands. Raised by a mother who created melodies on the piano and stitched intricate quilts, and a father who sculpted with clay, glass, and paint, she was immersed in a world where creativity flourished. These early influences ignited her own artistic journey, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

After graduation, she delved into the non-profit sector, developing art programs for children and training teachers. The hands-on nature of this work, particularly the joy of sharing her passion with curious young minds, fueled her own artistic explorations. When motherhood beckoned, her focus shifted to nurturing her three children while continuing to explore various artistic endeavors, from children's book illustration to running her own piano studio.

Inspired by her students' creativity, Rebecca returned to the classroom herself, studying composition and digital music production at Juilliard's Evening Division. Blending her love for music and visual arts, she embarked on a project called 52songsforu, creating original music set to videos she shot.

As she embraces this new chapter in her life, she sees it as an opportunity to dive deeper into her art. There's a sense of magic in self-discovery, in acquiring new skills, and in redefining what it means to be an artist.

"The intricate interplay of layers and the narratives they weave captivates me. Just as a map delineates landscapes, my paintings articulate the visual topography, with textures, colors, and key elements guiding the viewer through a tapestry of ideas. Rooted in nature, my artistic choices evoke its essence, whether through contrast or consonance with the surrounding environment. I'm particularly fascinated by the similarities between visual art and musical compositions, particularly how the layering of sounds produces distinct reverberations." - Rebecca Rivard

About Julie Rosenberg

Julie Rosenberg is a musician and artist who paints and designs electric guitars. Her passion for the guitar began at age 9 when she first held one her hands. She played guitar and drums in bands growing up and plays guitar in Reservoir Road Band and other bands. Julie’s earliest influence on her artwork is her mother and her sister, both visual artists. In college, Julie studied jazz guitar and went on to become a physical therapist. She holds two Masters Degrees, one in Applied Physiology and another in Physical Therapy. Julie, originally from Rye Brook, NY, currently serves as the President of the Katonah Museum Artists’ Association and lives in Katonah, NY.

"My deep appreciation for the guitar goes back to childhood when I first began playing and studying music. I started out painting guitar bodies in my early 20s without any vision of a fully-built guitar because it was about painting. It was about the body. Many years later, I had the bodies assembled." - Julie Rosenberg

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