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The New York Collage Ensemble

Mary 18 to June 15, 2024

Opening Reception: Saturday May 18, 3 to 5pm

The Gallery at Yellow Studio is pleased to present "Perspectives," a group exhibition featuring the vibrant, thought-provoking, and inventive collage and mixed media work of seven women artists: Stacey Burgay, Meghan Larimer, Susan Lerner, Isabelle Milkoff, Carol Paik, Amy Putman, and Orit Mardkha-Tenzer.

"Perspectives" is a vibrant showcase of the unique voices and artistic approaches of each New York Collage Ensemble (NYCE) founding member. The exhibition offers a kaleidoscope of styles and themes, from Stacey Burgay's evocative tactile explorations of emotion and renewal to Meghan Larimer's dreamlike surreal visual diaries. Susan Lerner's vintage-inspired hand-cut works transport us to a bygone era of nostalgia and storytelling, while Isabelle Milkoff's frenetic, chaotic rhythms and Carol Paik's eco-conscious textile art provide a compelling commentary on the world around us. Amy Putman's socially conscious mixed media works and Orit Mardkha-Tenzer's spontaneous improvisational photo transfers complete this dynamic group of artists.

ABOUT THE NEW YORK COLLAGE ENSEMBLE NYCE was established to create a supportive community of collage artists who can provide connection, collaboration, and inspiration for one another. The seven founding members have exhibited their work as a collective in international and domestic shows, and they are thrilled to bring their unique perspectives to the Gallery at Yellow Studio.

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