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Unframed: An Illustration Show

Illustrations by 5 women artists
in watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pencil, cut-out paper & more!

Our connection with illustration has been strong ever since the practice of using images to tell stories began with paintings in caves and hieroglyphics. Today, we live surrounded by illustrations and they influence us from the moment we wake up: they exist on products we consume, embellish websites and apps we browse; we find them in newspapers and books, they bring beloved characters to life. They dwell in our homes and psyches molding the way we think as a society.

The meaning of the word “illustration” comes from “illuminate” and “enlighten.” By nature, illustration is intended for the masses, it is inclusive and accessible and usually used for commercial purposes. But it can also be a medium to evoke thought, spark feelings, and simply be pleasing aesthetically. Just like a work of fine art, illustrations can light up our walls and bring us joy.

With this exhibition, Yellow Studio celebrates the world of illustration, bringing together five amazing women selected for their talent and achievement in the field, as well as their closeness to our community: Annalisa Oswald, Danie Drankwalter, Elizabeth DeJure Wood, Emily Ann Hoffman and Kailey Whitman.

Alejandra Salazar
Co-Curator, Yellow Studio Exhibitions