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Rebecca Rivard

After receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I pursued a career in the nonprofit world, developing art programs for children of all ages as well as creating training for public school teachers. I enjoyed the hands-on nature of all of my work, but most especially when I could share my passion first hand with the children I met. Their curiosity and sense of wonder was a sustaining spark for my own artistic explorations.

When motherhood called, my full time job became watching my own three remarkable children grow. I continued to explore various kinds of art, dabbling in some children’s book illustration work and other opportunities for design and creativity. As a classically trained pianist I ran my own piano studio for several years as well. I loved sharing this side of the artistic world with all of my talented students. It was in large part due to their creativity and passion for learning that I decided to return to the classroom myself, studying composition and digital music production at Juilliard’s Evening Division. I especially enjoyed combining the world of music and visual arts in my work scoring for pictures. This launched my creative endeavor, 52songsforu, a music video short project with the aim of creating 52 original pieces of music set to videos shot by me (check it out here: 52songsforu).

I am welcoming this next stage in my life as an opportunity to pursue my art more vigorously. There is magic to be found in self discovery, in learning new skills and expanding what it means to call myself an artist.

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I am fascinated by the language of layers and the stories they tell. Much like the elements of a map, my paintings describe the terrain of the imagery, the textures and colors, outlining key elements and following the flow of ideas. The root of my choices is always found in nature, wether in juxtaposition or in harmony with what surrounds it.