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Tricia Caracappa

Tricia Caracappa is an artist and designer living in Katonah, New York. Tricia received a BS in Systems Science Physics from Providence College, with a strong focus in Studio Art. After declining a masters of architecture program, she began a full career in financial services and continued to study at the Art Students League of New York.

After two decades in corporate, she listened to her internal creative compass and received an AAS in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design, while working full time and raising a family. She retired from corporate and launched her interior design business.

Shortly after she was asked a pivotal question, “If you were in a room filled with opportunities and success were guaranteed, what would you?” Her answer and action were immediate,” ARTIST.” Today she follows what absolutely lights her up – making beautiful, energetic art that reminds her to live life fully with ease and delight, joy and peace, not pressure or stress.

Her art studio is in tucked into the 19th century brick lined Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River, New York. Nature, movement, color and beauty inform her curiosity, play and flow in the studio where she finds freedom in the abstract and grounding in form.

Tricia is a member of the Katonah Museum of Artist Association, has exhibited in various group shows, including Life Perceived, Opposing Forces and Rhyme, Rhythm and Harmony, participated in local events such as Larchmont Art on the Avenues, and is preparing for her first solo show at Yellow Studio Gallery this October.

For more information on Tricia’s work visit Tricia Caracappa 

I stand in front of my canvas, brush in hand and eclectic playlist flooding my ears, and I am filled with a joy and a certainty that I am exactly where I am meant to be. The world of distraction falls away and freedom fills me. Dance, delight, and gratitude are mixed into my paints and brushstrokes.

I begin every painting, no matter how abstract, with my energy and inspiration, and then I respond, following breadcrumbs of my curiosity and my pull to play, leaving space for wonder. I follow what lights me up, drawing and painting how I feel as much as what I see. Nature, movement, color and the beauty within are my constant sources of awe and inspiration. A magnificent sunset that pulls my eyes up to see and feel a world filled with possibilities. The frigid winter air that reminds me we only breathe in the present. My energetic brushstrokes are rooted in hours spent at my mother’s dance studio.

My love of color began in childhood, when I would host weddings for my Crayola Crayons. And it’s without a doubt that my love of movement and the gestured line is a reflection of my artist’s journey. I believe that art should remind us to live fully in the present, not stressed or pressured to pursue perfect, but with ease and delight, joy and rest, nudging us to live our best lives with self-confidence and in turn inspiring others to do the same.