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Upstate Art Weekend featuring Natural Tendencies at Yellow Studio

UPSTATE ART WEEKEND (UPAW) is a connective annual event, for residents and tourists alike, celebrating the cultural vibrancy of Upstate New York. The fifth edition of UPAW will take place Thursday, July 18, through Sunday, July 21, 2024, spanning ten counties in the Catskills Mountains and Hudson Valley.

How to Brave Creativity and Turn Fear into Excitement with Naomi Vladeck

In this inspiring and impactful talk and interactive discussion, Naomi Vladeck illuminates what is possible when we use our creative skills to transform our fear into outcomes that excite us. 

Sharing stories from her own experience with big life change, and from artists she has interviewed, she explores what artists can teach us about activating the creative process inside of life's biggest changes.

If you are grappling with uncertainty, wanting to make a change or are in the midst of a transition of any kind, this event experience is for you!

You’ll leave with clarity about your relationship to change as well as the proof of your courage to take risks even when the path ahead is unclear.  

Get Tickets $40.00 – $50.00 5 tickets left

Half-Hour Portraits by Jessica Miller

Join us on Saturday Saturday July 27 for this unique opportunity – to have your portrait painted by local Artist Jessica Miller.

Each 7 x 5 inch expressionist portrait will capture the subject’s likeness and mood, painted in one half-hour sitting.

All are welcome to sit for a portrait, including children accompanied by an adult.

Each portrait is $250.

There will be 6 portrait sessions. 

Sold Out $250.00

Artists Talk: Natural Tendencies

Join us for an Artists Talk with Tomoko Abe, Natale Adgnot, Allison Belolan and Christy Sheppard Knell. The Artists will speak about their inspiration, influences, artistic process and more. 
All are welcome. Please RSVP. 

Art Club Excursion to The Met Cloisters

Yellow Studio invites you to join us on an inspiring trip to The Met Cloisters, where art and nature come together in a breathtaking setting. Nestled in Fort Tryon Park in New York City, The Met Cloisters is renowned for its collection of medieval art and its beautifully designed gardens. For YS Members.